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Malaga is Home To Perth’s only real 747 Flight Simulator Centre

Real 747 Flight Deck Simulator
  • For General public and serious enthusiast
  • Pilot interview prep sortie
  • Multi-crew preparation course
  • Fear of flying course.

A real 747 Flight Deck simulator powered by Aerowinx Software PSX. Log instrument Flight time and Approaches for your
licence. Keep current and recent today for a fraction of the cost of the other flight
schools. …

key feature:
  • Fully enclosed real ex JAL 747 cockpit
  • Air Conditioned Flight Deck
  • Full functioning avionics and computers – FMCs,
    autopilots and auto-throttles
  • 180° external visuals that accurately represent the terrain
    to photo realistic quality
  • Motion flight seats
  • Roaring sound of four 66,500 pounds of thrust General
    Electric next generation engines
  • Based on 747 simulated flight dynamics (MTOW 448,000 kgs)
  • Fully functional aircraft systems
  • Functional flight management computer / CDU
  • Autopilot Avionic Suite
  • Up to date data bank for IFR flight
  • TCAS / WX Radar / Wind shear detection
  • 24,000 airports to fly in and out of
  • Countless flight tracks and routes can be flown anywhere
    in the world
  • The ability to fly around any landmark from London Bridge to
    the Sydney Opera House
  • Seats up to four people (including the simulator instructor
    station) on the flight deck
Domestics Airports
  • Perth
  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Adelaide
International Airports
  • Old Kai Tak Hong Kong
  • Dubai
  • New York
  • Heathrow
  • Paris
  • Vienna
  • St Maarten
  • Miami
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Seattle
  • Montreal
other Features:
  • Fixed base glass synthetic cockpit
  • Includes Instructor console work station
  • Instructor Station uses a Windows(R) environment
  • Photo realistic natural hi definition 1080 resolution 210 degree
    wrap around visual system, accurately representing airports,
    weather and terrain
  • High-fidelity 180 night/day visuals accurately representing
    airports, weather and terrain
Aerowinx Software modelled
  • Includes instructor screens
  • World-wide navigation database, global weather model,
    random traffic
  • Simulates over 500 malfunctions
  • Has all EFIS and standby instruments
  • Complete dual FMC model with FANS–1
  • CDU standby navigation
  • Smooth A/T, autopilot, F/D; exact mode logic
  • Flight control system logic, ratio controllers; realistic, fine-tuned
    aerodynamics model
  • Accurate GE, PW, RR performance models IRS, GPS, weather
    radar, navaid antenna effects
  • Comprehensive EICAS, EGPWS, TCAS, PWS etc.
  • Communications, ACARS, CPDLC, Voice-ATC, ATIS, PNF etc.
  • Electrical CBs, all distribution busses, supplying over 1000
    simulated relays and devices with individual
    voltage–amperage modelling
  • Detailed fuel system
  • Dynamic hydraulic and pneumatic pressure models
  • Ice and rain protection
  • and thousands of other features.
  • Superior photo realistic graphic popular airports
  • The visual system is capable of rendering: day, night, dawn and dusk visuals, selectable special effects, fog, haze, sun glare. Airport
    lighting detail includes taxiway markings, runway edge, runway centreline and taxiway lighting, runway heading indicators, touchdown
    zone, threshold markings, approach guidance lighting and approach lead-in lighting.
  • The throttle console has the following features: Motorised Thrust Levers, Thrust Reverse Levers, Flap Lever with Go Around Gates,
    Motorised Speed Brake Lever, TO/GA Switch, A/T Disconnect Switches, Fuel Control Switches and Park Brake.

Other Features:

Get the real feel of carrying 467 passengers onboard and getting them to their desired destination within the estimated time. If you are
hoping for a relaxing take off and landing, then you’ll be surprised to see the reduced visibility when your aircraft is
approaching land. Get the once-in-a-life-time experience to become a real pilot of an actual aircraft of a real
747 flight deck simulator.

Practice the most challenging sessions of take offs and landing, follow your pre-flight briefing and hands on guidance carefully and get
ready for this unique and adventurous experience in Perth.

Don’t miss this popular and one-of-a-kind adventurous ride.

Or feeling a little less adventurous, please check out our Perth’s Fear Of Flying Course.

Operating the only real cockpit flight simulator in Perth.

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