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It is common place for airlines to utilise their simulators, normally as the final stage of their pilot selection process. You will usually be assessed by a CASA Approved Flight Simulator with a Training/Checking Captain who will be looking at your handling skills, instrument scan, CRM skills and most importantly how easily you take to instruction and how much of a training risk you may be should you be selected for a type rating. It is therefore vital to approach this in as prepared a state as possible. For those who have been searching for that elusive first job for some time or those who have little multi crew currency, a few hours spent with an instructor in a fixed base aircraft simulator can mean the difference between being successful or not. A typical profile will include a raw data SID, some general handling, a raw data ILS, go-around at minimums followed by vectoring for another raw data ILS or a non-precision approach. Depending on your experience level the airline may include failures such as a V1 cut, engine fire or failure in the cruise, emergency descent etc. We have a listing of current interview profiles and simulator flight dynamic modelling to tailor your interview, to get the head start you need. We have had hundreds pilots all over the world come to visit us and with my training we have over 90% success rate for them. We our the leader in simulator interview preparation and have the experienced to tailor your needs.

Interview preparation $295 for 1 hour with 45 minute jet handle briefing in our Boeing 737-800, or our Boeing 747-400, or our Boeing 777 sim.

$450 for 2 hour combo. Additional simulator time $225 per hourly rate.

***Only vouchers purchase through 747FlightSensation are redeemable for interview prep and IFR currency***

For combo call Blake 0459747747

Our Flight Simulator Primary, Navigation and Upper Engine display in 737, 747 or 777 state.



Configured Boeing 737-800 Flight Dynamics


Configured Boeing 747-400 Flight Dynamics


Configured Boeing 777-200 Flight Dynamics



Handling the Jet!

The jet airliner is different compared to a turbo-prop. A prop aircraft is like a horse and cart. Stable, reliable and predictable. The jet is like a racing horse fast and unpredictable without the rider having the training to tame the beast, things get out of control very quick and lead to a UAS (unwanted aircraft state).

To give some fundamental differences of the jet. The jet is low drag at high speeds, high drag at low speeds and high stall speed characteristics. The jet has a dihedral wing and low directional stability that leads to poor directional stability and high spiral stability. Sweep wing effect of slipping wing rising during rudder input. Slow response time of a jet to spool up and no linear thrust to thrust lever relationship like a prop. Large airspace requirements do to high speed and high inertia/low control power ratio compared to a prop. Need for an all moving horizontal stabilizer and proper use. Sound challenging, funny thing is someone without any aviation experience in GA to major Airline Turboprop pilot are easier to train then a seasoned pilot. Why as we learn we turn are skills in to motor skills unconscious flying like driving a car. So flying a jet is against our intuition and experience of how an aircraft should be flown. Flying a jet you need to be a good pitch and power flyer the jet. Momentum and speed stability is very poor. You have to work smart not hard. Fly the pitch and power setting you need to flow in your head where you want to put the aircraft. Don’t have the little hamster in the brain going flat out holding on close to a UAS (unwanted aircraft state) you need that brain space to make decisions. With my teaching I can teach the transition from a prop to a jet set-up in the with either the 737, the 747, or the 777 flight dynamics, systems and flight display. Our flight simulator technology which is proprietary technology handles exactly the same as the Boeing sim ride you have because like your new employers sim, our sim is programmed the same to train the pilot for that type of Boeing. I can teach you the next state the aircraft needs to be in and what to do if you miss something, it is no good I teach you to fly on rails then something deviates in your sim check and you don’t have your tool available in your tool box to recover the deviation.

For some this is new, for others that already fly a jet the focus is learning the loop, the input to the flight controls, gaining the of knowledge tactile feedback, the controllability and stability around the 3 axis of flight. The information comes back from the 3 main displays primary, navigation and engine display. The best computer in the world with endless storage, the brain will compute the data and apply the next input will cause an effect learning the flight will become smoother and smoother. At some point the skill will become motorized where there is no conscious though or decision and is computerised into the sub-conscious. Wow, what an amazing machine. When you go to your sim check you want to have the unknown to known. You want to have skills and gotcha ironed out that we can teach you. You will be under duress like any check you have had in the past the psychological effect of everything is on the line. You want to be able to execute your skills from the knowledge of aircraft type we provide.





  • admin

    December 15, 2016 at 2:08 am Reply

    Please review us. Flight sensation

  • Jap-pilot

    March 6, 2017 at 2:00 am Reply

    Thank you very much for your instruction and assistance in my interview prep, Not only did I pass the interview with your help but I feel that my piloting skills had significantly improved. Thank you again.

  • Ben

    June 12, 2017 at 1:49 am Reply

    I first came to Flight Sensation with a view to prepare for my Emirates Interview. Without knowing what to expect or what would be required of me, I found myself in the midst of what I would call a fantastic experience. Flight Sensation has a great atmosphere, with a professional crew and a modern well equipped simulator. Blake and the instructors are able, dedicated and very attentive to the needs of the pilots and provide an amazing service in both flight training and theoretical interview studies. The team are a very dedicated crew, I enjoy their company and the knowledge I gained about the airline industry.



  • Teo

    August 25, 2017 at 1:55 am Reply

    Hey Blake, it was great to see you last week. As a former student who has moved on to be a Second Officer at Cathay Pacific flying Boeing 777’s, I can attest to the fact that your training program is for people who have the ambition to be professional pilots.

  • Anonymous

    August 27, 2017 at 2:02 am Reply

    I wanted to convey to all of you, and obviously particularly to Lewis, a “thousand thanks” for having trained me, and supported me so well during all the time I was there. Those outstanding day will remain forever in the back of my mind and I do feel like this experience was simply unique. And I got the job at ANA!

  • Cathay pilot

    September 3, 2017 at 1:58 am Reply

    I wanted to write and say thanks to you for your help in making my new job possible. Flight Sensation helped me obtain professional and quality jet training for a very low cost. There were so many simulators to choose from and FS was the right one. You have a great sim and thanks again.

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