Attention licence pilots, keep your IF current in an approved aviation authority modern airliner simulator .

Basic currency

  •  IMC single/dual pilot currency.
  •  2D RNAV VOR NDB Approaches.
  •  3D ILS GBAS GNSS  Approaches.
  •  SID and STAR.

Are advantages for you compared to using other synthetic devices on the market

  • You will gain relevant experience and new skills for future airline employers.
  • With new skills and relevant airline experience gained, you will be more employable.
  • Tailor your stick time. Fly multi-crew with our experienced airline instructors, or single pilot.
  • Try something new or just a refresh. E.g. EGPWS, TCAS, wind-shear escape, mach tuck, aileron reversal, coffin corner, stalling, emergency descent, fires/smoke, engine failures, V1 cuts, rejected takeoff and many more abnormals.
  • Experience jet handling, hydraulic powered flight controls, learn how to handle inertia and ‘flying the aircraft by the pitch’.
  • Great price and value.

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